Cloud Storage Gateway

Connect Data to Cloud

Data platform so versatile provides you with many possibility of storage virtualization with iSCSI/FC LUNs for any block storage or VM Image files. For secondary storage it can frontend tape library backup with VTL interface. For file storage it provides a robust NAS service with advanced data features for compression, depduplication, encryption.


  SAN Infrastructure

Block level storage virtualization in your SAN either FC or iSCSI or NVME Fabric. Storage LUNs can be provisioned from Volume groups, ZFS storage pool or VM image files (raw, qcow, vmdk, vhdx).

ZFS Pool

  NAS virtualization

With advanced features such as Deduplication, Compression and Snapshot replication, control the amount of data ingestion to cloudstoarage. Not only this reduces operational cost but also reduces risk of data integrity and security.

Virtual Tape Library

  VTL backups

Virtual Tape Library software for Linux provides powerful enhanced backup solution that uses disks from open storage systems to emulate any industry leading tape library, with user configurable number of tape drives and capacity. By emulating a standard tape library it seamlessly works with existing backup applications and drivers without any additional learning curv


  • Highly available & reliable storage
  • Dynamic and flexible resource allocation. Thin provisioning
  • Advanced Snapshots and Replication
  • Abstracts multi-cloud interface to the administrator avoiding steep learning curve.


    Block Storage

  • iSCSI is fully compliant to RFC 3270
  • Kernel mode zero-copy socket IO
  • Provides superior performance & latency without any caching thereby reducing memory foot print.
  • Supports multiple connections within a session
  • Supports highest Error Recovery Level 2
  • Header and Data digest support
  • iSNS client support
  • CHAP authentication


  • ZettaLane ZFS is heavily optimized and hardened port of open-ZFS. Does not use the ZOL (ZFS on Linux) port.
  • Support for NFS v3, v4 and Samba

    Vitual Tape Library

  • SSC-2 compliant tape
  • SCSI Media Changer commands compliant
  • Unlimited number of VTL and tape devices
  • Works over FC and IP-SAN (iSCSI)
  • Veem Backup, EMC Legato Networker,CA BrightStor, Veritas, Netbackup, Veritas Backup-Exec

    Multi Cloud

  • Connect to AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google object storage, and other S3 compatible provider.
  • Support for cache tiering using bcache
  • Support for compression and deduplication.