Available anywhere: on-premises, public cloud & Edge

MayaNAS is a powerful software-defined storage solution for unified file and block storage on-premises or on public cloud.

Easy to use.

Easily manage large-scale file or block storage for high-compute.

Cost Savings

High-throughput without additional block storage resources with ZFS on S3 object storage

High Availability

Active-Active HA configuration with auto failover

Getting Started


  • Our unique feature of ZFS pool on S3-backed storage without using additional block disk resources
  • Benefits large file based workloads with throughput > 3 GB/s
  • Great flexiblity with powerful data management features: Snapshots and Continuous replication.
Wasabi Object storage performance on MayaNAS


  • Access file storage through NFSV3 NFSV4, SMB-AD
  • Robust block storage through iSCSI, NVMe-oF protocols
  • Comprehensive dataplane using all data services (LVM, Bcache, VDO, Software-raid, DRBD) that Linux has to offer and more with our ZFS storage pool
  • Experience high-througput from S3 storage without any additional resources
  • TRIM enables cloud storage objects to be deleted thereby saving costs
  • Deduplication and LZ4 Compression
  • Thin provisioning
  • Snapshots and Rollback
  • Replication choices: Synchronous, Async-safe, and snapshot mirroring
  • Cloud bursting with cache tier.
  • Cloud tiering to multi-cloud object storage


From AWS c5n.9xlarge (36 vcpus, 96G) with buckets 1, 3, and 5
1 bucket
Write 354 MB/s537 MB/s
Read975 MB/s945 MB/s
3 buckets
Write849 MB/s1367 MB/s
Read2024 MB/s2674 MB/s
5 buckets
Write1321 MB/s2073 MB/s
Read2957 MB/s3242 MB/s
Wasabi Object storage performance on MayaNAS