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MayaScale utilizes instances with local NVMe devices and provides robust NVMe over Fabrics platform to clients that support NVMe/TCP. Deploy MayaScale in 2-node HA configuration if the NVMe devices are temporary storage devices to safe guard against data loss in the event of interruption.

To configure High Availability operation for Mayascale

Virtual IP address

To provide virtual IP address for HA operation assign suitable secondary address range to your network subnet

For example to assign virtual IP addresses in network range to default network in the region us-west1

gcloud compute networks subnets update  default --region us-west1 --add-secondary-ranges range1=

After this virtual IP address can be used for MayaScale HA configuration.

Service Account [Optional]

This step is optional as the MayaScale solution deployed from GCP Marketplace will already have a service account with necessary permissions. Check the service account permissions that was used to deploy Mayascale instances. Mayascale requires a service account with sufficient permissions to manipulate disk attachments for proper sharing and fencing, and also storage read-write access to object storage. It also needs sufficient permission to float the virtual IP across multiple instances. If the default service account lacks these permission a  separate service account is needed for proper HA configuration

From Google cloud shell or from computer where gcloud CLI is available create a new service account as follows

  1. Find the project name associated with the deployment and set it to shell variable PROJECT

    PROJECT=$(gcloud info --format='value(config.project)')

    If the PROJECT appears different then switch to the project name used for MayaScale deployment
    gcloud config set project YOUR_PROJECT
  2. Create the service account


    gcloud iam service-accounts create $SA --display-name "mayasacale service account"

  3. Find the email of the newly craeted service account and set it to shell variable SA_EMAIL
    SA_EMAIL=$(gcloud iam service-accounts list --filter="displayName:mayascale service account" \

    The variable SA_EMAIL wlil be ${SA}@${PROJECT}
  4. Add relevant permissions to the newly created service account with the role scope limited to this project only. Your other instances in different projects will not be affected by these changes.

    # permission to create/modify instances in your project
    gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member serviceAccount:$SA_EMAIL \
        --role roles/compute.instanceAdmin
    # permission to create/modify network settings in your project
    gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member serviceAccount:$SA_EMAIL \
        --role roles/compute.networkAdmin
    # permission to create/modify images & disks in your project gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member serviceAccount:$SA_EMAIL \ --role roles/compute.storageAdmin

Update Mayascale instances with the newly created service account.  The instances have to be stopped to attach service account to instance but these instances with local SSDs cannot be stopped from the Google Cloud Web Console. To overcome this ssh to instances and issue poweroff  and wait for instances to STOP. After this to use shell to run

gcloud compute instances set-service-account YOUR_INSTANCE --zone us-west1-b --service-account=$SA_EMAIL

Change default GUI password

Change the MayaScale Administration GUI default password to something random by running

# /opt/mayastor/web/

Or to set your own password

# /opt/mayastor/web/
Login name (default admin): 
Login password: 
Password again: 

And then restart the web server for password changes to take effect

# /opt/mayastor/web/stop

# /opt/mayastor/web/start

Connect to Mayascale Web Console

Now you can proceed with High-Availability setup using the Getting Started wizard from Administration Web console available on http://<mayascale1-ip>:2020

To avoid public network exposure of port 2020 it is recommended to use ssh tunneling with port forwarding as follows

gcloud compute ssh --zone YOUR_ZONE mayascale1" --project YOUR_PROJECT -L 2020:localhost:2020
Then access web console as http://localhost:2020

Next proceed to Configure MayaScale