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Mapping defines how Mayastor volume will be accessed from the SAN clients.  Mayastor being truly unified and network agnostic supports same volume to be mapped over iSCSI, Fibre-Channel or NVMeoF network for block storage service. File system volumes can be shared using NFS (ver 3 or 4) , SMB, AFP.

The following mapping types are supported and is specified using controller option of CLI or from the GUI.

iscsiAny network interface recognized by kernel. More control over specific network by specifying iSCSI portal tag and name.
fcnSelects the fibre channel target port as specified by the instance number n
nvmet-rdmaAny RDMA transport registered with the kernel. Typically they can be Infiniband, iWARP, or ROCE
nvmet-fcUses the NVMeoF transport provider over Fibre-Channel
nvmet-tcpThis uses standard TCP network interface just like iSCSI

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