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MayaNAS software is a set of Linux kernel modules for Centos/RedHat1 distribution running on x86_64 based servers.  The minimum hardware requirements is as outlined below based on the desired software features.

Storage FeatureNetworkCPU(Min)Memory(Min)

Block Storage: iSCSI on

Standard HDD Pool

Hybrid SSD

NVMe based storage




 2 Cores1GB
FibreChannel TargetQlogic 2/4/8Gbps2 Cores1GB
NvMeoF Target

40Gbe/Infiniband FDR

4 Cores1GB
ZFS Storage Pool
4 Cores4GB
ZFS + Deduplication
4 Cores4GB + 5GB for every TB
LVM Storage Pool
2 Cores2GB
LVM + Deduplication
4 cores1Gb + 268MB for every TB
NFS Server10Gbe4 cores8GB
High Availability100/1Gbe for heartbeat network.