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To setup and mange replication from web console:

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  1. Click Manage Replication sidebar menu to enable, start, stop or schedule replication service.
  2. Select Volume by clicking on the check-box.
  3.  Click Enable to create replication pair which opens up to following dialog

    1. Enter Remote Server  IP address  that will be the replication target and hitting <Tab> will automatically populate Available Volumes from remote server
    2. Select Remote Volume which will be destination.
    3. Select the type of replication in Replication Parameters
    4. Select the Preferred Network interface if you have other networks intended for replication traffic
    5. Enter Sync Rate which specifies how much network bandwidth the replication traffic can use, if you are sharing the network with the regular data traffic. You may set to 100% if there is dedicated network for replication traffic.

  4. Click Finish to save the replication configuration.
  5. For snapshot based replication set the replication policy by clicking Schedule as shown for another volume testvol1

  6. Then start the initial replication and track the progress of replication.

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    After initial sync completes successfully the Status changes to Updated.Image Removed