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a | b

alternatives (“a or b”)



[ … ] (square braces)

zero or one occurrence

{ … } (curly braces)

zero or more occurrences

( a | b | c )

“choose exactly one of the alternatives”

Code Block
mayacli help

Command component `mayastor' Usage:

Mayastor Command Line Interface version 0.23

(c) Copyright 2003-2008 PavitraSoft Inc.

(c) Copyright 2010-2018 Crossmeta Solutions.

The following are the registered components for management:

    mayastor  disk  controller  volume  mapping  

    host  stats  performance  iscsi  nvmet  

    rg  mirror  vg  zpool  cloud  

    tape  vtl  snapshot  replication  failover  


Valid operations include:

    create, bind, delete, set, show, and help

    start or stop on mayastor main component

You may try help on individual component to get more information.

The following table describes the commands that are understood by the Mayastor Command Line Interface program. Each command performs a set of operations on the Mayastor configuration.
Table 3-2Mayacli commands