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To create and manage virtual tape volumes.

Do not use the tape load/unload command when the tape drives are attached to VTL. Instead use the vtl load/unload to accomplish the same.


create tape    drive=<driveName> [description=<text>] [vendor=<Vendor> model=<model-name>]\ncreate tape    [volume=]<tapeVolume> init=<boolean>
        (disk=<device-name>) | (vg=<vg-name> size=<size>[kKmMgGtT]
load tape    [volume=]<tapeVolume> drive=<driveName>
delete tape    <tapevolume>
delete tape    <tapeDrive>
set tape    <tapeVolume> writeProtect=[1|0]
set tape    <tapeDrive> readAhead=[1|0]
show tape    [tapeVolume|tapeDrive


mayacli create tape drive=ltodrive1 description="my tape drive"
    mayacli create tape volume=tapevol disk=/dev/sda
    mayacli create tape volume=tapevol vg=tapevg size=100g
    mayacli load tape volume=tapevol drive=ltodrive1


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