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The nvmet object is used to manage NVME over Fabric target operations on the storage server


create nvmet    nodename|subsystem=<nqnName> [user=<user> password=<pass>] [portalGroup=<tpgt>[,]..
create nvmet    portalgroup=<tpgt> portal=<ipaddr>[ ...]]
set nvmet    	nodename=<nvmetname> [user=<user> password=<pass>] [portalGroup=<tpgt>[,]..
delete nvmet    nodename=<nqnName>
delete nvmet    portalgroup=<tpgt>


mayacli create nvmet portalgroup=1 portal=\"\"
mayacli create nvmet portalgroup=2 portal=\"\"
mayacli create nvmet user=testuser pass=testpass portalgroup=1,2


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