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Host represents the Fibre Channel(FC), iSCSI or NVMEoF initiators in the SAN. They are simply referred to as SAN clients. The FC hosts are identified by unique WWN Port Name.  The NVMEoF hosts are identified by qualified names with nqn.  The iSCSI hosts are identified by iSCSI qualified names or eui. address and IP address.  If IP address was not specified a NULL address is assumed.


create host [label=]<hostname> wwn|wwpn=<wwn-port-addr>
create host [label=]<hostname> [iscsiname=<iqn-or-eui>]
create host [label=]<hostname> [nqn|nvmename=<nqn>]
set host	<hostname> wwn=wwn-addr
set host	<hostname> [ipaddr=<ipv4-addr>] [iscsiname=<iqn-or-eui>] [nvmename=<nqn>]
delete host <hostname>


 mayacli create host xchgserv wwn=0a0b0c102030
 mayacli create host xchgserv-ip ipaddress=


mayacli show host
Type     Host Address     Host Name                       
-------- ---------------- --------------------------------
iscsi          client1
iscsi       msclient102

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