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Disk shows all the physically attached SCSI devices on the Mayastor storage server.


Used to create and connect to cloud object storage as disk.


List all physically attached SCSI, NVMe and cloud disks.

Examine individual disk label.


Use to locate disk in SES enclosure array by blinking LED.

Control power to individual slot in Linux supported disk array.

Connect to configured cloud disk for IO.


Used to erase all partition information on a physical disk only. Not for cloud disk.


show  disk
create disk	<cloud-disk-name> cloud=cloud-label size=size-val[mMgGTt] blocksize=<size-val>[KM] [bucket=<bucket-name>
set disk	<devname> [locate=[0|1]|power_status=[on|off]|fault=[0|1]]
set disk	disk=<cloud-disk> online=[0|1] [loopdev=yes|no|loopX]
delete disk <devname>


create disk cloud_disk1 cloud=mys3account bucket=zettatest-blob3 size=100g blocksize=1024K


mayacli show disk
Attached SCSI disk devices:
DiskID*      Vendor   Model            Rev      Capacity Device       Serial#
------------ -------- ---------------- -------- -------- ------------ --------
(0,0,0,0)    VMware   Virtual disk     2.0        10.00G  sda     
(3,0,0,0)    ATA      LITEONIT LAT-256 VBRF      223.57G  sdb     002207103879        
(3,0,1,0)    ATA      LITEONIT LAT-256 VBR5      223.57G  sdc     002207103905        
(3,0,2,0)    ATA      LITEONIT LAT-256 VBR7      223.57G  sdd     002303106238        
(3,0,3,0)    ATA      LITEONIT LAT-256 VBVE      223.57G  sde     002303106426
(0,0,0,1)    TOSHIBA  THNSN51T02DU7    57GA4103  953.87G  nvme0n1 37M300VKREEV
(0,0,0,0)    azure    zettadisk-blob-3           100.00G 
(0,0,0,0)    aws      crossmeta                  100.00G          

* = DiskID contains (Host, Channel, Id, Lun)

mayacli show disk /dev/sda

--- /dev/sda
Block device, size 10 GiB (10737418240 bytes)
DOS partition map
Partition 1: 1 GiB (1073741824 bytes, 2097152 sectors from 2048, bootable)
  Type 0x83 (Linux)
  XFS file system, version 5
    Volume name ""
    UUID F0F37FD6-2E80-4011-836B-80A87BB93360 (DCE, v4)
    Volume size 1 GiB (1073741824 bytes, 262144 blocks of 4 KiB)
Partition 2: 8.999 GiB (9662627840 bytes, 18872320 sectors from 2099200)
  Type 0x8E (Linux LVM)
  Linux LVM2 volume, version 001
    LABELONE label at sector 1
    PV UUID udpsvE-tNdR-upcZ-23Gw-w0yN-CG3p-cfFsBW
    Volume size 8.999 GiB (9662627840 bytes)
    Meta-data version 1

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