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The cloud command component provides a profile for authenticating and accessing your object storage  on the cloud provider. Use


Used to create a new cloud profile.

Also create new buckets or containers for that cloud profile.


List all configured cloud profles

List all buckets for that cloud profile

Enumerate all entries in the bucket for that cloud profile and report size


Deletes a cloud profile

Deletes bucket name for that cloud profile

For creating cloud profile of amazon s3type  region must also be specified.


create cloud 	[label=]<name> [s3type=aws|amazon|azure|google] accesskey=<ID:Secret> \
				[region=<name>] [baseurl=<base-url>]

show cloud		<name> [bucket=<name>] [type=list]
				<name> [bucket=<name> type=size]

delete cloud	<name> [bucket=<name>]
set cloud		[label=]<cloudname> [accesskey=<ID:Secret> [region=<name>] [baseurl=<base-url>]


mayacli create  cloud proj-on-aws s3type=aws region=us-west-2 accesskey=AKIAKLOMEFDXKQ:TY5LjI1NCBtZXRhZGF0YS5nb29nbGUuaW50ZXJuYWwg

mayacli create cloud proj-devops s3type=azure accesskey=testdev:FIzTY4AB3deaBcpOo1278===
mayacli show cloud proj-devops type=list
mayacli create cloud proj-devops bucket=testbucket
mayacli show cloud proj-devops bucket=testbucket type=size
mayacli delete cloud proj-devops bucket=testbucket


# mayacli show cloud
Name                           Cloud    Account              Location   BaseURL
------------------------------ -------- -------------------- ---------- --------
proj-mayanas                   google   GOOGG4KF2INISUODA76B  
proj-on-aws                    aws      AKIAKLOMEFDXKQSUDBOB us-west-2
azure-test                     azure    zfstest               

# mayacli show cloud proj-mayanas type=list
Name                             Other
-------------------------------- --------
vmstore-devops                   2018-04-02T19:07:28.208Z    
mys3vol                          2018-05-20T06:07:56.067Z    
test-disk1                       2018-05-15T21:11:40.789Z    
test-disk3                       2018-05-15T21:55:10.213Z    
test-disk4                       2018-05-15T22:04:20.773Z

# mayacli show cloud proj-mayanas bucket=test-disk4 type=size
Name                             Counted  Size    
-------------------------------- -------- --------
test-disk4                       909      951058489 (0.89G)

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